Sunday, December 04, 2005

Summit for the Future

Summit for the Future

Club of Amsterdam
Date: May 3-5, 2006

What is the Summit for the Future?
The Club of Amsterdam presents its second, global “Summit for the Future” bringing together international Thought Leaders to discuss significant, global challenges and opportunities.

Who should attend?
The Summit for the Future will attract innovators, strategic thinkers, decision makers, policy planners and knowledge workers. If you’re involved in shaping the future of your company you’ll get a broader overview and a deeper understanding by attending the Summit. The Summit for the Future is an ideal venue for those who need to link theory with practise.

What does the Summit contain?
The Summit consists of plenary sessions as well as of interactive workshops and lectures.
You can also visit our public Opening Event

The workshops are organised in five parallel Knowledge Streams, followed by five Interdisciplinary Streams:

5 Knowledge Streams:
Life Sciences

Media & Entertainment
Trade - Asian Leadership?
Corporate Governance

5 Interdisciplinary Streams
Innovation as Risk Taking

Knowledge based Risk Management
Values and Spirituality
Cross-Cultural Competence
Creative Leadership


Anonymous pascual a zalazar said...

mis sinceros respetos a todos
solo estoy en la busqueda de los asuntos(comida congelada para mascotas,,,google)
gracias,gracias: atte pascual a. zalazar

6:19 AM  

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