Sunday, December 04, 2005

Finding Spiritual Courage

John Renesch, Author, Getting to the Better Future: A Matter of Conscious Choosing is a speaker in the Interdisplinary Stream about Values and Spirituality at the Summit for the Future, May 3-5, 2006 in Amsterdam.

Finding Spiritual Courage: Risking the Unfamiliar to Have the Future We Want
Einstein told us that we are still an infantile society. We human beings are hardly fully-evolved. Let us call for more spiritual courage, an increased willingness to break out of our skin of familiarity or the petty limitations of what we expect from our consciousness and allow ourselves to dream bigger about how we think, what we do and what we expect for our future. Let us break out of the mold of guesswork or prediction about how things may be in the future and, instead, take a wiser more mature stand for what we want. Then, let us do everything in our power to bring about that future.

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Blogger John Renesch said...

I'd like to add a postscript:

When I ask audiences what they might be doing to help make the world a better place
the most common explanation I hear is they don't have the time. They
think they are too busy!

Then the question becomes what are they so busy doing with their time? Is TV all that important? Or engaging in gossip with friends? Or all that talk about movies and sports? Or the lastest trial or scandal?

I'd love to hear from others of you out there in the coming weeks.

9:06 AM  
Blogger Summit for the Future said...

a creative answer wich deals with time and space is the slowLab organization by promoting 'slowness' as a positive catalyst of individual, socio-cultural and environmental well-being ...

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What missing from our society clearly is COMPASSION and MOTIVATION !

This is the trouble come after the bubble of the baby-boom generation,
and now with this dot com generation,
everyone will think that every problem is solved just by sitting in front of the computer,
and makin a lot of money,

This thing couldn't be resolved in short term,
and quite sadly many-many cultures outside Western, like South American, Southeast Asia, Micronesia, etc...
that can't match the speed of change in this world

Asia has it's own identity,
and so with South America,
and so with Europe...

I'm think from the optimist side,
but it's just with lack of morality that West keep sending to Asia,
i'm very much pessimist...

Truly we can't turnin back the time,
but with proper education i'm hoping we can nurture and giving hope to next generation...

No such thing as easy earning in this world, that is why compassion is needed, but to message that to all the youth in every culture won't be easy...

I understand the biggest problem is in the proper education, just by earning top-mark score isn't enough (*create self-selfish and pscho kind of person*)

Truly social group kind of study is one the West is forget,
the biggest appreciation must come from human spirit itself,
and not from amount of money a person has...

Our society are runnin on a wrong lane, hopefully future generation will truly realize it before it all too late...

-Adhi N. Wirawan-

11:09 PM  
Blogger John Renesch said...

Adhi, that "future generation" you hope will take corrective action is us. We are ones who need to pull our own tails out of the fire.

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John i take my word...

There is still HOPE...

And the HOPE is INDONESIA...

I see people here, no matter how hard the life turnin, they seems happy...

Maybe the basic religion here,
where Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam religion mixed in quite POSITIVE effect...

Say give another chance the world to be different, world without stranger, and "Apa Kabar" means a lot...

I Proud to be INDONESIAN...

-Adhi N. Wirawan-

4:56 AM  

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