Sunday, December 04, 2005

Strategic Leadership: Achieving Your Preferred Future

Glen Hiemstra, Owner, is a speaker in the Interdisciplinary Stream about Creative Leadership.

Read his book:
Strategic Leadership : Achieving Your Preferred Future
GLEN HIEMSTRA, leading futurist from Kirkland, Washington, has broad experience as an international speaker and consultant. He is the Founder of, the number one portal to the future on the Web. Glen's work as a futurist is widely known and respected and he is frequently invited by members of the U.S. Congress to address state conferences focused on the future. Prior to going into business, Glen was an award-winning educator, selected Most Influential Professor at Whitworth College. In 1989 Glen served as the Washington State Centennial Futurist. At his website,, you can read Glen's newsletter, FuturistNews, along with a wide variety of information about and links to the future. Glen is frequently cited as a resource for articles about the future, most recently in the Wall Street Journal, U.S. News and World Report, the Los Angeles Times, and the Detroit Free Press. He appears on the new medium of Internet radio. A graduate of Whitworth College and the University of Oregon, Glen lives in Kirkland, Washington.


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