Sunday, December 04, 2005

Strategic Leadership: Achieving Your Preferred Future

Glen Hiemstra, Owner, is a speaker in the Interdisciplinary Stream about Creative Leadership.

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Strategic Leadership : Achieving Your Preferred Future
GLEN HIEMSTRA, leading futurist from Kirkland, Washington, has broad experience as an international speaker and consultant. He is the Founder of, the number one portal to the future on the Web. Glen's work as a futurist is widely known and respected and he is frequently invited by members of the U.S. Congress to address state conferences focused on the future. Prior to going into business, Glen was an award-winning educator, selected Most Influential Professor at Whitworth College. In 1989 Glen served as the Washington State Centennial Futurist. At his website,, you can read Glen's newsletter, FuturistNews, along with a wide variety of information about and links to the future. Glen is frequently cited as a resource for articles about the future, most recently in the Wall Street Journal, U.S. News and World Report, the Los Angeles Times, and the Detroit Free Press. He appears on the new medium of Internet radio. A graduate of Whitworth College and the University of Oregon, Glen lives in Kirkland, Washington.

Finding Spiritual Courage

John Renesch, Author, Getting to the Better Future: A Matter of Conscious Choosing is a speaker in the Interdisplinary Stream about Values and Spirituality at the Summit for the Future, May 3-5, 2006 in Amsterdam.

Finding Spiritual Courage: Risking the Unfamiliar to Have the Future We Want
Einstein told us that we are still an infantile society. We human beings are hardly fully-evolved. Let us call for more spiritual courage, an increased willingness to break out of our skin of familiarity or the petty limitations of what we expect from our consciousness and allow ourselves to dream bigger about how we think, what we do and what we expect for our future. Let us break out of the mold of guesswork or prediction about how things may be in the future and, instead, take a wiser more mature stand for what we want. Then, let us do everything in our power to bring about that future.

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Thinkers 50

Leif Edvinsson has been elected as one [43] of the Thinkers 50 - the 2005 global ranking of business thinkers.

Leif Edvinsson is a keynote speaker in the Knowledge Stream about Life Sciences at the Summit for the Future, May 3-5, 2006 in Amsterdam.

Linking intellectual capital, organizational dynamics and the management of risk
The life sciences are undergoing structural changes in terms of their use of intellectual property, the location of research activities and clinical trials, in terms of their relationship with the public and with public authorities as well the outsourcing of significant parts of the innovation process. What is driving these changes? Are concepts and measures of 'value' changing in the life sciences? How do organizational dynamics affect stocks of intellectual capital? How will this influence the management of human and intellectual capital? What are the major risks that large life-science companies will face over the next 10 years?

Risk: The Human Adventure

Richard D North, keynote speaker at the Summit for the Future Opening Event [May 3, 2006] wrote in his book "Risk: The Human Adventure" about the merits of risk-taking and the challenge to the Anxiety Industry.

"The word 'risk' derives from the early Italian 'risicare', which means 'to dare'. In this sense, risk is a choice rather than a fate" - Peter L Bernstein [Bernstein, 1996] Richard: "Risk is a lovely subject. But it is a difficult one. Still, we mustn't risk being downhearted. We must keep our nerve. We need to see who we can trust in such a tricky matter. We need to know what evidence about these matters we can believe."

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Summit for the Future

Summit for the Future

Club of Amsterdam
Date: May 3-5, 2006

What is the Summit for the Future?
The Club of Amsterdam presents its second, global “Summit for the Future” bringing together international Thought Leaders to discuss significant, global challenges and opportunities.

Who should attend?
The Summit for the Future will attract innovators, strategic thinkers, decision makers, policy planners and knowledge workers. If you’re involved in shaping the future of your company you’ll get a broader overview and a deeper understanding by attending the Summit. The Summit for the Future is an ideal venue for those who need to link theory with practise.

What does the Summit contain?
The Summit consists of plenary sessions as well as of interactive workshops and lectures.
You can also visit our public Opening Event

The workshops are organised in five parallel Knowledge Streams, followed by five Interdisciplinary Streams:

5 Knowledge Streams:
Life Sciences

Media & Entertainment
Trade - Asian Leadership?
Corporate Governance

5 Interdisciplinary Streams
Innovation as Risk Taking

Knowledge based Risk Management
Values and Spirituality
Cross-Cultural Competence
Creative Leadership