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The Rise of Spirituality

Ralph Freelink, founder of the Centre for Holistic Inquiry, is a psychologist in the knowledge stream on the future of trade. Ralph will be a "catalyst" at the Summit for the Future

Spiritual inquiry

The book
Megatrends 2010, written by Patricia Aburdene, predicts the rise of spirituality. She claims this will be the number one megatrend for the future. A megatrend, according to Patricia, "is a large, over-arching direction that will shape our lives for a decade or more". Whether you believe deeply in spirit or think it is a religious hoax, it will influence your life one way or another. It is inevitable. What is spirituality?

We are in a universe that is inside us. Spirituality is the practice that brings up this inner universe. It gives a sense of belonging and profound inner peace. Spirituality is about loving what shows up. There is a great array of techniques and religions available that show us the path to liberation. Our choice is entirely personal. These are all different ways that point to the same thing. The Buddha is within each of us and therefore always available. What does it take to become awakened, enlightened or liberated? In plain words; we have to become aware. Self-awareness is the premise of spiritual living. Moment to moment we endeavor to remain aware of the change. Everything changes all the time, things rise and pass away, around us and inside us. If we learn to observe the impermanence of life, without attaching and identifying, we are developing spiritually. It takes years of practice to become an expert in this art of living, but we can start here and now. All spiritual inquiry is about consciousness.

The zone

What is consciousness? With consciousness I mean presence or wakefulness - the ability to observe without attachment, to remain aware and to experience the world in acceptance. As it is. In America, when athletes, artists and performers, reach this state of presence in their work they say they are in 'the zone'. To be in the zone, means to be one with the activity, to feel no separation between self and other. The other could be a person, a canvas or a playground. We all have had moments when we 'forgot ourselves' and blended with the activity. Remember? If we become aware of the nature of this experience we can bring it into our daily lives.

Now. The moment has a lot offer. It is the place that determines who and where we will be next. If we open up to the potential of the moment, it can literally inform our presence and bring up our true nature. Some deeper experiences of life, known as glimpses of something other than our current sense of self, could cause a permanent shift in our consciousness. This is a very important point on our spiritual journey, because the otherness becomes undeniably real. The idea that 'there is more' suddenly takes on a whole new meaning.

The phenomenon of spirituality is present in all the things we do and create. Only most of it remains unconscious. However there is no invention in life, whether social or technological, without consciousness.

Stewards of the Earth

Consciousness fuels creativity, because people are driven by a faculty deeper than their individual minds. When we are in the zone, submerged in the now, we are dwelling in the realm of consciousness. It is the primacy of inspiration, invention, happiness and of course love. It is here with us, always has been, and all we need to do is allow it.

If we develop a more awakened relationship to life we begin to feel responsible. And responsibility is needed if we don't want to continue causing fragmentation in a world that is intrinsically whole. We have reached a point in human history where we have to design a future based on our relationship to the whole community of life. The gift of consciousness will shine in our actions, if we dare to become caring stewards of the Earth. With a silent, non-attached mind, we can begin to see this wider context and align various aspects of our life with it.

Consciousness externalized

Consciousness is the vital element to all technological and social innovation. In spite of this most lives are still driven by the unconscious mind. With access to a more responsible and mature mind we are on the verge of a new era. All human expression, including technology, is an externalized manifestation of consciousness. Society as we know it, is a reflection of our inner world. The two are inseparable. Things are in our own hands.

The creativity of consciousness, or the universe, is freely available, and is becoming a more important resource than capital, fossil fuels, and consumer products. Through activities such as meditation we cultivate this essential substance. The performance of awareness, the non-dual mind, is an very simple thing. Yet its realization is a life-long commitment and practice to the unattainable. A paradox resolved only in direct experience, where the attaining mind and the unattained mind come together. Small meets big.

Value of money

We have to go inside. We are loosing the rat race outside ourselves. The ideas, beliefs, and assumptions rooted in our inner domain shape our behaviour. What if we would act out of a non-assuming and non-biased mode of consciousness? What if we would learn to sense, think, and act intuitively? It changes our direct experience of the world and our perception of it. It would be incredible. We begin seeing the intrinsic value of all life and our personal values would shift accordingly. Each moment is a presentation of openness and free respond.

Any organization that wants to change through responsibility, creativity, and innovation is going to have to invest in the growth of consciousness. Within our capitalistic system we have the wonderful opportunity to invest in this element and profoundly change the direction of the human enterprise. If a company advances in the development of this higher good it will bring forth new realities and a more encompassing value system. The result will manifest in higher quality of life and socio-economic sustainability. We finally give money a chance to work for us. Money is the enabler of economic traffic, not the purpose. If this insight dawns on us we will reclaim our original position within the dynamics of value exchange. Right in the centre of all activity. If we flow, moneys flows. If we get stuck, money gets stuck. Money is another aspect of consciousness externalized.

Conscious capitalism

When we master ourselves, become more aware of our thoughts, feelings and emotions, we develop freedom and presence. The world leaders of the coming decades are men and women who master their shadows. Only daily spiritual practice will bring forth self-mastery. It will be the difference between conscious and unconscious capitalism, between mature and immature investments. If we have the courage to dialogue with the numerous aspects of the self, silently observe change, and mindfully approach the world, miracles may happen. With a sharpened intuition our planet becomes a spiritual playground for awakened human beings.

The future of risk

Do you dare to take the risk of investing in the unseen? In reaching out for the intangible? What are consequences? Stepping into the unknown is a hazardous thing to do. Especially for business. Maybe 'letting go' will be the new core business of all organisations. It will be the source of all innovation. Because if we let go, we also let come.

Is this the future of risk?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i couldn't agree more...

the fact that our society
most common problem is ignorance,
and serious damage in our economic crisis everywhere is because of the human greed...

perhaps if all media in the world could transmit HOPEFULL news,
enough of the war stories,
and other bad influence of our leader :P

4:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spirituality maybe the answer,
the fact that when people get richer, they don't get happier,
instead worried all the time

Maybe we should get back to 80's kind of society where sympathy-empathy rules in our society,
it's important message to sent to leader worldwide

Human really need each other,
and with all the luxury that just can't buy the happiness, after all we can't live separately in this world

So by being top rank all the time just won't guide you everywhere,
that's why western are turnin into east, where we understand the real value of Harmony.

That's the key why future is belong to Asia

Adhi N. Wirawan

12:17 AM  
Blogger John Renesch said...

Ralph, you address the matter i wrote about in "spiritual risk"...the willingness to act consistent with the spiritual values we claim to hold dear but so often ignore in our day-to-day activities because they go against the collective rationality. This is the double-mindedness so many people are experiencing today.

7:33 AM  
Blogger John Renesch said...

Ralph, you address the matter i wrote about in "spiritual risk"...the willingness to act consistent with the spiritual values we claim to hold dear but so often ignore in our day-to-day activities because they go against the collective rationality. This is the double-mindedness so many people are experiencing today.

7:33 AM  
Anonymous wasye' - Nairobi said...

spirituality...that trip to the inner self is one of the hardest journies and that maybe the reason why most live in superficial 'religiosity' which does not go deep enough.

Its true a rise in spirituality would (and I say would because I do not think its on the rise. On the contrary there seems to be a rise in egoism)make this world a better place.

Going deep into oneself opens one to a vulnerability out of which emerges a strong person...contradictory as this may sound. And this makes one less judgemental of others and more tolerant.

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I fear that rise of spirituality becomes the means of influencing (using indeed) people by being externally led. There are too many people lost and/or trying to find easy solutions to discover the inner self. This fake openness will let someting in that controls them in the future. Look what happened with religions. I might be pessimistic but I think the world has already fallen apart so much that there is no chance to get everybody on the same board ever.

5:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rise of spirituality...
journey to inner self truly a very worthy experience, but in this fast ever changing world where we rely on our common sense, rationality and consumerism,

i seriously doubt that we can go further...

maybe this whole spirituality is just thing from the past,
where myth and legend live...

but for now,
what urgent is helping hand for dying civilization,

just looks every corner of the earth nowadays, with one language all over the world "English", one-by-one civilization will finally died...

And that is our job to solve it,
give hand to our future,
Not by killing it by our rationality

7:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our world has goin on the wrong side,
and simply this thing is caused by

Theory Of Evolution
"Survival Of The Fittest"

But honestly...

Human are not animal, although we have to admitt that some part of us is standin on primitive side..

So in order to move foward,
we must understand the meaning of Spirituality...

Time is really tickin to final year...

Survive for tomorrow can't rely on ourself again,
we must have hand for others...

Final evolution is our understanding ability as part of One World,
so by willing to help others, is simply help ourself too..
Action-Reaction, and that's why world is turnin around,
and why Christianity will evolve into Buddhism/Hinduism...

Oh yeah one thing,
life as human being is so fascinating,
because each of us experience as a kid, and each one of us experience is different from others..

That's why clean mind is simply better, and within life journey itself we will experince things that beyond our logic and common senses to be mature enough...

3:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

3rd Wave is finally here..

It's simply understanding value of

Not one person in more than others...

Instead we live in this dying world to fulfill live one another...

That's why we simply must admit that live in next century will take us further than our logic,
it will take us to think with our heart...

And it will be very much difficult,
why is so...

Because there is a long and winding road to understand our present in this world as human species...

Not as an animal, but as a livin being...

So that's why we must understand
life is 99% with brain, and simply 1% with heart and love..

Than that 1% will rule the world with smile :D

4:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally the brain power has reach it limit...

Now the power of love time...

But not cheesy kind of thing,
it take a lot effort,
a lot give,
a lot share...

Just like Siddharta say
Not Too Much and Not Too Little,
simply Balance is perfect enough...

That's why we understand the value of male and female...

One is to fullfill one another...

And this is finally understandable only by this generation...

As in Christian says is true,
it take hard work and long road to reach heaven, but it take shortcut to ruinned all.

Finally the world is grown into one HUGE village, so finding the true meaning of spirituality only inside our HEART...

After all as Indonesian saying
"Let NURANI speak"

4:31 AM  
Anonymous Mike said...

I couldn't agree with you more. The answer to all the world's woes is through spirituality. Check out this new website and see if you don't agree with it. It contains only text in which to obtain true spirituality and true inner peace through the Holy Spirit, God.


10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well if we cant get over this issue of skin colour and religion how can we talk spirituality? A lot of these Western spirituality groups ignore the hardcore reality of politics, immigration and economics potraying a disney world which is far from the truth. SURELY NOT THEIR SHORTCOMING...But we need to be aware that spirituality can not exist outside the pressing issues of empowering immigrants of Europe, exoticising Eastern philosophy with myths perpetrated during colonial eras.

2:46 AM  

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